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Step 1
Your Layout & Dimensions  
Using our pictures of popular layouts, you can select the layout to best suite your design and budget. The pictures show you the measurements that need to be taken to work out the dimensions of the partition. You can then add these dimensions using our sliders or type them directly into the dimension box. The quote calculator will then work out for you an instant cost estimate for the glass partitioning, including professional installation. Alternatively, you can send us a sketch or drawing and your dimensions and we will send you a formal quote.
Width (w), mm
Min: 300mm Max: 20000mm
Height (h), mm
Min: 1000mm Max: 3000mm
Glass thickness  
You can select glass thickness for partition system. It depends on height.
10mm glass - up to 2600mm
12mm glass - up to 3000mm
Floor level  
The floor level where the glass partition is to be installed.
Parking on site
Cut Out  

img_4275The number of cut outs required.
If you have items such as skirting, pipes or trunking we can, in most cases, cut out a notch in the glass to go around it. Select how many cut outs you need and we can advise the best solution.

Raked Glass  
Percentage of glass cut out of a rectangle.
If you have a sloping ceiling that the glass will be positioned next to, then the standard rectangle panel can be cut out to allow for the slope. The terminology for this is called ‘raking’ and is worked out but what percentage of the area requires raking.
Please see the diagram to the left which shows an example of a raked piece of glass.
Step 2
Step 3
Installation Process for Black Office Partitions
1. Aluminium glass partition price

Get an instant quote by entering the height and width of the aluminium frame glass wall you require into our easy-to-use online calculator.

2. Confirm

We will contact you within the hour to discuss your requirements regarding aluminium frame partition walls to provide you with a more accurate cost. After the discussion, we will email you a quote with all the information you have provided.

3. Proceeding

Once you are happy with the quote for your glass wall with black frame we will arrange for one of our professional site surveyors to come to the site and measure the glass for framed glass panels.

4. First visit

With the final quote agreed and final payment made we will install the aluminium profile for the glass partition, and measure the glass panels for further installation of black framed glass partition.

5. Second visit*

The lead-time on glass panels is 5–7 working days and installation takes a minimum of 2 days.

*In some cases we are able to install the track and glass panels in one visit.

Product info

Our black framed glass walls offer incredible flexibility and immense practicality. Building from aluminium makes aluminium glass office partitions light, adjustable and less expensive than metal black framed room dividers, without compromising on quality. .More

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