Frameless Glass Door

A single frameless glass door does not have a supporting frame, which is why it has a much thicker pane made of the same tempered glass and has more flexibility. You can design a frameless glass door in the way you wish, even if you have feature curved walls or odd angles that have previously restricted your office design ideas. 

Frameless glass entrance doors are commonly used to create stunning reception areas. Another benefit is that frameless entrance doors can be energy- and cost-efficient, with single, double, or even triple glazing.


Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors


A Frameless Glass Door creates a feeling of openness. Stylish internal frameless glass doors have become very in-demand for employers who prefer simple and elegant designs. Frameless internal doors create the optical illusion of a bigger workspace by creating an atmosphere of the space.


Usually framed doors are manufactured in standard sizes, but single glazed frameless doors are fully customizable to fit any specific requirements of your office layout. This provides more flexibility with your office fit-out and glass partition installation. The frameless glass door can be obtained in many different colours, with the option to choose top, bottom, or both locking mechanisms.

Safety and Maintenance 

The frameless glass door is not only easier to use but is also safer. The toughened frameless glass door is made of heavy safety glass, and will not shatter. Frameless glass doors in-house are much easier to clean because they do not have frames where dirt can collect. 

Types of Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless glass bi-folding doors

Have you been thinking about merging two office rooms, while keeping the option of dividing them in case privacy is needed? A frameless glass bi-folding door will be manufactured to the exact dimensions required, with the panels fully opening to remove barriers. 

Frameless hinged glass doors

This style suits many applications, including office fit-out projects, and provides the contemporary look of a modern frameless door. An element of edge lighting combined with a range of etched designs can make a seamless glass door look like a stunning piece of artwork.

We also provide a bespoke design for a frameless door that complements commercial options, including organisation logo and branding. 

Frameless glass sliding doors

A modern internal frameless glass door is the perfect way to allow light into your office. The sliding door is ideal for creating a strong modern look in your workplace with clean lines. The frameless glass sliding door is designed with minimal framing and is highly engineered. Such a stylish frameless glass door is suitable for office fit-out projects needing the thinnest doors possible or frameless floor-to-ceiling doors.

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