Sliding Glass Door

If you want to increase natural light in the office or you like the idea of functional components combined with artistic features, the single glass door system is the perfect solution for you.

Office sliding glass doors create a sophisticated and modern workplace and increase light transmission, space-saving while providing a private space for meetings and video conferencing. 

Single Sliding Glass Doors can be a stylish feature to any workplace, but apart from appearance benefits sliding glass doors are also a very practical solution. They provide multiple options thanks to different sizes, designs, and shapes. This is why they fit the requirements of any office owners who would like to bring flexibility and transparency in their workplaces.

Glass sliding doors are a perfect solution if you need to save space in your office. If you choose sliding glass doors, there will no longer be an issue of doors swinging open. This benefit is significant for working areas where space is very valuable. It also provides you with more options for where you can install a single glass door. Pocket glass doors are getting very demanded and slide glass door is the best solution for this application. Very easy to install between stud walls without an expensive system and there is no need for framework around the door itself.

Install a slide glass door for the following benefits:

  • Light
  • Style
  • Versatility
  • Space
  • Peace
  • Access
  • Multiple options

You can install either a single or double glass sliding door depending on your office requirements. Sliding rail system is attached to the static glass panels, proving a sleek design and easy to use door.
​Each door is installed with floor mounted buffers to protect the door operating which makes it simple to use.


Choosing the sliding system’s finish and style always depends on personal taste or corporate style, but the glass design itself can express the identity of your organisation. You can apply a bespoke custom glass design service and create your unique style with a logo and company branding on glass door.

Kova Partitions has been installing glass sliding panels for over 12 years. We always provide our clients with the best solution within the budget. Choosing a glass single door is an inexpensive and effective way to create a stylish look in your office. We use a minimal track so you can open the glass sliding door with minimal effort. Get a quote for your sliding glass door now.

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