Office partitions

Office partitioning is a modern way of structuring and spacing the office in favor of the workers. Instead of setting permanent separating walls, Partitioning with different office partitions like glass office partition, aluminum partition systems, portable office partition, cubicles, etc.

Glass partitions | glass partition walls

High-quality, non-load-bearing panes of glass that function as room dividers. As a building material, this interior glass allows designers and architects to divide a room, without sacrificing floor space and light diffusion.

Single glazed partitions

The most popular glass wall system for office and home, providing high quality, low-cost solution to space division. Single glazed partitioning creates elegant private rooms within an open space, whilst letting natural light flood into the area.

Black frame glass door

Black framed steel glass doors are great to get sunlight during the day and enjoy the outdoor nature view. Also with custom-made black-framed doors upgrade you increase the value of your house with peace of mind that you have sleek strong doors that will last.

Framed glass door

This is a versatile solution that can be integrated with all our wall systems. The frame is available in various finishes, to match your personal design preferences.

Double glazed partition

This is two panes of glass with a 30 mm gap between them that allows dividing a room without sacrificing floor space and light spreading.
We offer steel partition walls that can be combined endlessly to create the design you aspire to have.

Glass room partition residential

Glass room divider partition wall creates distinctions between zones without compromising the design or accessibility. Glass partition wall home design provides the perfect solution for separating an open-plan space and while giving privacy.
There are plenty of different options for glass partitions for home, the only limit is just your imagination.

Glass partitions for swimming pool

Glass vision panels for swimming pools are an increasingly popular addition to modern design, because of the seamless integration with internal and external pool finishes and crystal clear “infinity edges”. Glass partitions and glass door fittings are widely used to divide the area, for example between the gym and swimming pool, without compromising the open feel of space.

Industrial Style Glass Partitions

This glass wall partition system looks fantastic in offices, domestic spaces, restaurants, and leisure environments. This glazed partition option will let you create elegant private rooms within any space, letting natural light flood into the area whilst giving a nod towards the industrial era.


Glass manifestation is a DDA requirement when you are installing glass partitions in your office, which means it’s obligated by law to make the glass visible for safety.

Glass stickers

Decorative window and glass stickers are a simple way to create a stylish appearance in your office. The self-adhesive film is easy to apply in minutes and can be used for long-term applications as it’s more durable and re-usable.


A non-crystalline, often transparent amorphous solid, that has widespread practical, technological, and decorative use in, for example, window panes, tableware, and partitions.

Internal glass partition

Room dividers are an ideal solution if you want to create visual room expansion and a modern look. Glass partitions designed for home can maximize the levels of light throughout your living space.

Glass balustrades

Glass balustrades for swimming pools are low maintenance and simple to install. They will look perfect for many years to come and provide safety and strength while retaining a crystal clear view. They are a perfect solution when a barrier is needed because the depth changes, or to protect children and pets without adversely affecting the look of the pool.

Demountable partitions

Glass partitioning is easily and quickly erected and can be just as easily, dismantled and rearranged.

Acoustic glass

Open-plan offices do have their downsides, namely office noise. The open space and noise can be distracting for some employees leading to reduced concentration and productivity. To reduce noise and soundproof areas of the office where noise levels are higher, such as in the salesroom, glass partitioning can be soundproofed offering the same acoustic properties of a solid partition wall. In each of these instances, glass partitioning can improve the overall functionality of the office design, adding the benefits of a cubicle office design, with the minimum loss of space.

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