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Acoustic laminated glass

Acoustic laminated glass from Kovapartitions provides an exceptional level of sound insulation. Noise reduction and creating a more serene atmosphere are vital aspects of well-being. No matter what the noise source is—traffic, construction, airports, or even neighbours—the sound-absorbing interlayer of Kovapartitions Acoustic laminated glass keeps it out at all frequencies.

Does acoustic laminated glass work?

Acoustic laminated glass consists of two or more panes of laminated glass that are separated by an acoustic PVB interlayer. Compared to conventional laminated glass, the acoustic PVB layer provides noticeably superior levels of sound insulation. One resin layer is sandwiched between the two glass sheets to create the acoustic glass. When seen through the glass, this structure is entirely undetectable.

It has an appearance that is somewhat comparable to laminated glass. There is a wide range of classes of acoustic glass available, and each one is distinguished by the amount of interlayer resin it contains. Since different sound frequencies have varying wavelengths, some grades of glass are better at dampening specific sound frequencies. In addition to its acoustic performance, it also provides the advantages that laminated glass offers, such as increased security and protection from UV rays.

Is acoustic glass worth the money?

Two factors greatly influence the response to this question. The first factor to consider is how much noise you are attempting to block out, and the second is how much value you place on having peace in your house. Even brand new single-pane windows will make a discernible improvement to your home’s appearance if the existing windows are framed in older materials. Even with double glazing, you’ll see a decrease in noise, but acoustic laminated glass provides the best noise insulation.

However, acoustic laminated glass costs will always be higher than double-glazed windows. If you want to replace all the windows in your house, this will significantly increase the total cost. Using ordinary double glazing in other rooms and acoustic glass in the bedrooms may help you save money while still getting the peace you want.

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