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Using our pictures of popular layouts, you can select the layout to best suite your design and budget. The pictures show you the measurements that need to be taken to work out the dimensions of the partition. You can then add these dimensions using our sliders or type them directly into the dimension box. The quote calculator will then work out for you an instant cost estimate for the glass partitioning, including professional installation. Alternatively, you can send us a sketch or drawing and your dimensions and we will send you a formal quote.
Corner Officethree sided officeStraight Partition-nodors2 Offices with Glass Separating Partition and End PanelPartition Fin/Panel2 Offices With Glazed Fin (Storage Wall Not Included)3 Offices with Glazed Fins (Stud Walls Not Included)4 Offices with Glazed Fins (Stud Walls Not Included)Straight Partition on Solid Wall (Stud Wall Not Included)Octagon Office5 Offices with Glass Separating PartitionsStraight Partition (Partly Raked)Straight Partition (100% Raked)
Width (w), mm
Min: 300mm Max: 20000mm
Height (h), mm
Min: 1000mm Max: 3000mm
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Product info

Product Info

Single Glazed Partitions

Frameless glazed partitions are an efficient and inexpensive way to divide your workplace areas, make your office look stunning and provide a contemporary, professional feel. Decorative glass partitions allow light and interaction all over your office. You can apply any designs, from basic to complex, to create unique frosted glass partitions. Improve sound insulation without the added cost of a second wall of glass.
Whatever part of your workplace you want to improve, such as the meeting room or the kitchen, a glass partition will bring more light into the office. It allows an open approach to business, while maintaining quiet work and discussions. Use a sleek glass sliding door for frameless glass partition systems to save space and increase light transmission. We can offer a slimline track in contemporary stainless steel with a soft movement facility providing a smooth and quiet open and close action. Glass partitions are a perfect addition to any building. If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider curved glass or switchable frameless glass partitioning to impress visitors to your office. If you want a minimal framework for your glass partitions, then our team can install glass doors operated through a pivot fixed on the floor. If you need a higher degree of soundproofing, we can install the door with a sleek aluminium frame. Our quote will include standard pull door handles, but if you need locks there would be a small additional charge. Kova Partitions’ designers would be happy to transform your office into a spectacular workplace to create not just a practical, but also a beautiful and creative space.
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Double Glazed Partition

Double glazed partitions are a cost effective solution with stunning aesthetics providing the same soundproof effect as a solid wall.
Double glazed systems must be installed within a frame. In addition to a perfect sound rating you can have the frameless effect. If you require the option of total visual privacy when needed, we can install hang-operable blinds.

Industrial Style Black Aluminium Partition

If you would like the latest styling for your office, install an aluminium frame partition to give your working space the look that is trending now.
We use aluminium sections to create any modular appearance in black, which makes a great contrast to the common minimalist aesthetic.


Our calculator allows you to view and understand different layout options so that you can create a modern and contemporary design, as well as giving you an instant estimate price, so you can get an accurate budget for your latest glass partitioning project. Our prices include full installation of the glass partitioning, providing you with a hassle free friendly service from our expert team.

Price (inc VAT): £
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