• Corner Office
  • three sided office
  • 2 Offices with Glass Separating Partition and End Panel
  • Straight Partition-nodors
  • Partition Fin/Panel
  • 2 Offices With Glazed Fin (Storage Wall Not Included)
  • 3 Offices with Glazed Fins (Stud Walls Not Included)
  • 4 Offices with Glazed Fins (Stud Walls Not Included)
Width (w), mm
Min: 300mm Max: 20000mm
Height (h), mm
Min: 1000mm Max: 3000mm
Price: £
Price (inc VAT): £
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Product info

Frameless glazed partitions are an efficient and inexpensive way to divide your workplace areas, make your office look stunning and provide a contemporary, professional feel. Decorative glass partitions allow light and interaction all over your office. You can apply any designs, from basic to complex, to create unique frosted glass partitions. Improve sound insulation without the added cost of a second wall of glass…More