How to clean glass office partitions

Glass partitions are a great thing in an office. They help with privacy, provide soundproofing and can give your workspace a really professional look. And they especially look good when they’re made of glass. In addition to being stylish, glass partitions help open up the office space so that staff can see each other and not feel too closed in. However, glass needs more maintenance and regular cleaning, otherwise it can look cloudy. The good news is that cleaning glass partitions is easy. 

Here’s how:

  • Use specialist cleaners

Let’s start with using a specialist cleaner to keep your glass partitions clear. Just like when you’re figuring out how to clean a mirror, these products are really handy. Instead of a using a regular surface cleaner, glass cleaners are much gentler and won’t scratch the partition. Also, the ingredients used are much better at bringing your glass up to a gleam.

  • Try a vinegar solution

If you’d rather use a more natural cleaning solution, a combination of white vinegar and water can do a wonderful job. All you have to do is fill a spray bottle with one part vinegar to two parts water. Spray directly onto the glass and use some kitchen towel or a cloth to get rid of the smears and restore the shine. 



  • Warm soapy water

Sometimes all you need is soap and water. And that can certainly be the case if your glass partitions are cleaned very regularly. Fill a bucket with warm water and pour in a little soap – you don’t want it to be too full of suds though, as this can leave a streaky finish. For the best results, use a squeegee and work from top to bottom in a reverse S shape.

  • General tips

When you’re figuring out what to do with any streaky glass surface, like how to clean windows or how to clean a mirror, it’s always good to have options. And now you’ve got three. In addition to the above cleaning solutions, following a few key guidelines will help you keep your glass partitions in tiptop shape: 

clean glass office partitions


  • Always clean any framework first. You’ll probably end up smearing the glass a little while doing so. And there’s no point in doing the job twice if you don’t have to.
  • Work from top to bottom. Again, this will make your job a lot easier, as you can deal with any drips or streaking as you go.
  • Use strong kitchen towel and/or a microfiber cloth to clean and polish. The way you finish the job will make all the difference to the final shine.
  • Make sure your cleaning supplies are clean themselves. If you use grubby cleaning materials, you’re going to end up with grubby partitions.
  • Test any new solution on an inconspicuous area first. You’ll want check that the glass doesn’t react badly.
  • Leave it to the pros if you’ve got really stubborn stains. Otherwise you could end up damaging the glass. You’d use a professional window cleaner to clean your external glass, and the same should apply for partitions when the glass isn’t easy to clean.

Give these tips a try and your glass will sparkle!