Office Glass Partitions Help to Maintain Social Distancing in Offices

The coronavirus pandemic has already significantly changed our habits, and we have to face new ways of working. There is still no solution to the global pandemic, and companies are beginning to wonder how they can change office rules when employees come back to the workplace.

Social distancing measures in offices

Many companies are not able to shift their employees to work from home during the pandemic and need to apply new social distancing measures.
These organisations will need to implement social distancing in offices to create a workplace environment that helps make everyone feel protected. That’s why now is a good time to search for solutions that could support social distancing measures, without shifting from the connected office concept.

Social Distancing in Offices

How to protect employees in the workplace

These are some of the new office rules, procedures and precautions that companies worldwide are applying to help protect their employees:

  • Providing sanitizer and hand wipes
  • Implementing new cleaning protocols 
  • Separating desks in offices 
  • Requiring employees to sit back-to-back or side-to-side, rather than face-to-face
  • Only using lifts when half-empty 
  • Cancelling hot-desking 
  • No equipment sharing between employees

Office glass partitions are fast and easy to install while maintaining social distancing in offices and improving the feeling of protection. At the same time, they help to keep that sense of collaboration.

Installing glass partitions is a flexible and effective solution to implement social distancing measures without compromising on practicality. It also helps avoid radical changes of existing layouts.

Open plan space has emerged as a modern way of improving working space, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to review this trend and adjust to the new realities of the future workplace.

You can install glass partitions now, no matter what size your office is. Office glazed walls can be a stylish as well as an inexpensive option to apply social distancing measures in your organisation.

4 benefits of using glass partitioning

to create social distance workplace areas

1. Prevents bacteria spreading
Glass partitions help protect employees from germs spreading in the open office by installing a higher physical barrier between people to reduce the spread of infections. At the same time, glass partitions help employees to feel included, despite the social distance.

2. Enables easy functionality
You can easily adjust the layout of the office with glass partitions. If you have open plan space, it could be sectioned off by creating separate rooms.

3. Provides cost-effective solutions
Glass partitioning allows modifications that do not damage the existing structure, and can be rearranged any time you need. This makes office glass partitioning an inexpensive investment in social distancing measures.

4. Allows natural light
Natural sunlight can travel through glass walls, brightening up the office environment. This encourages better performance and employee well-being.

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