Partitions for Office Made of Glass: Whim or Need?

There is always a debate going around on whether glass partitions are required or not. Traditionally, glass partitions were just a modern whim. They were only used to add the modern twist to the office interior. 

The standard offices had spacious workspaces for different employees. The land or the office was available for renting and buying purposes at a reasonable price. Though, the business model has drastically changed in this capitalist era. The companies are now hiring numerous employees for increasing productivity. The profits have decreased and the cost of setting up offices and businesses has increased. 

According to, in Manhattan, Class A+ office rents have increased by 9.5% in just the months of August and September of 2019. This shows that the prices for renting and buying offices have surged up a great deal. On the other hand, metropolitan cities are also getting populated day by day with less land for business owners to occupy. This leads to smaller offices with congested workspaces. 

To make the most of the occupied space, glass partitions are a need rather than a whim.

7 Reasons Why Glass Partitions Are The Need Of The Hour

1.Great Productivity

Employers can easily keep a check on the employees through glass partitions. The employees will be more aware of the surroundings and the employer’s examination. This will develop a sense of responsibility and accountability in the employees who spent their working hours ineffectively. 

Whim or a Need Productivity

Glass partitions are also great for reducing the noise and the office commotion distracting the employees from their important work. Office commotion can also lead to major mistakes which can cost the company big bucks. So, once the glass partitions are installed, overall productivity is increased. 


Many people are worried about the lack of privacy due to glass partitions. Now, one can easily solve this problem with various alternatives like a frosted treatment, opaque and tinted glasses, and other options available. 

Whim or a Need Privicy

3.Modern Interior

The appeal of the office is an important step to win over the clients. Efficiency is important but the overall appearance of the workplace also matters. 

A haphazard and cluttered office can give off the wrong image to a potential client. On the other hand, an organised office, with the help of sleek glass partitions is an aesthetic sight to even the most scrutinizing eyes. 

4.Better Lighting

Long and stressful working hours in dim-lit areas can lead to lack of concentration and laziness. Installing glass partitions can help in providing natural lighting to the office members. 

It is a known fact that sunlight helps in energizing an individual and keeping him/her more focussed. These glass partitions allow the sunlight to pass through in a moderate amount. Thus, making the workplaces look brighter and energized. 

5.Easy to Maintain

Glass partitions are easy to maintain. During office renovation or shifting, one can easily move them with a bit of caution. They are also easy to clean with various cleaning options. Click here to see how to clean the glass partitions. 


Glass partitions have great durability. If the chosen glass has the correct thickness and quality, it will last for ages.


Glass partitions are cost-effective too. Building different cabins can lead to more construction, furniture, electricity, and other expenses. However, the glass partitions are cheap, do not require extra furnishing, can reduce the electricity cheque due to natural lighting, and increase productivity too.

All these reasons make the glass partitions a perfect interior option for the offices.  

Pictures:  Kova Partitions