Stylish Black Framed Glass Partition for LeSalon in Clerkenwell

We are really happy with the end result of the project for our client LeSalon in Clerkenwell, London.

Our client needed to improve the interior design of the salon to get the most out of the space and create the right look within budget. 

Kova Partitions team has installed Industrial Style Black Framed Single Glass Wall and Door to utilize the salon area more efficiently by separating space and create a new stunning look. The job has been completed in February 2019.

Working on interior design for a salon is important to focus on the function, equipment placement, and traffic flow throughout the building. We also had to take into account the needs of the staff and clients to ensure that the salon would be converted into a comfortable and luxurious place.

What we suggested to consider for salon reception:  

  • The reception area should be a priority, because of the importance of the first impression.
  • Using plinths or different floor levels could help to define separate areas.
  • It’s better to avoid cluttering in the main area so it’s needed to find out how best to conceal it. 
  • Glass Partitioning could help to break up the salon space without reducing it. 

We decided that a single glazed partition wall with a door and the lightweight aluminum-framed system would be the best solution for separating space. After our client established the budget and requirements we discussed their needs and made suggestions regarding the best glass partitions option for the project.  Our single glazed partition with a black frame enabled us to utilize the salon area more effectively by dividing space and allowing natural light to give a spacious, bright environment. 

This type of partitioning is an affordable option but at the same time provided a stylish and luxury look for the salon.   

 Applying glass partitions for salon could help to:

  • Increase privacy by adding tinted, obscured, patterned and custom etched manifestations.  
  • Archive a modern look – perfect for modern salons glass partitions divide workspace and give a touch of elegance and light. 
  • Save money. Glass partition is a cost-saving solution when it comes to any renovation or expansion work.

The glass partitions create a clean, modern feel to any salon. The toughened safety glass combined with a slimline, aluminum joint system helps to achieve the stylish finish.

The glass partition walls might be decorated with the organization’s name and logo. Here at Kova Partitions, we would be happy to help with custom services for a bespoke glass partition adjusted to your measurements.