Glass Manifestation – A Stylish Way to Avoid Injuries With Office Glass Partitions

Today office glass partitioning has become a trend as it adds an appealing look to space. But glass can be dangerous! Many a time the glass partitions go unnoticed and people walk into the glass! Have you also stepped into the glass of your office as you have never noticed it before? Felt embarrassed or got injured? Then, your office management should look into this matter seriously and incorporate glass manifestation as soon as possible!

Now you must be thinking what glass manifestation is all about? How can it help? Then being in this business for years now, we at KOVA Partitions are going to answer all relevant questions regarding glass manifestation so that you can understand how important it is for the safety of the people working in the office with glass partitions. We have years of experience in incorporating office glass partitioning, glass manifestation in London as well as glass panels in London.

What is Glass Manifestation?

Glass manifestation is a process in which markings are being etched or created on large glass panes so that people can quickly notice the glass structure by making it more visible and hence help them in avoiding walking into them and injuries.

What are the different design options for glass manifestation?

Glass manifestations add style and personality to the buildings. And there are numerous ways in which glass manifestation can be done. Some of the methods include acid etching, frosting the glass and sandblasting. You can get the logo of your brand frosted or etched unto the glass to make it look a more professional workspace to work in. This will also attract more customers to your business as well!

Also, there are many other ways besides etching your logo onto the glass! You can come up with some exceptional creative designs for your glass manifestation. Try out different simple patterns and designs such as dots, geometrical shapes, leaves and more. You can also add intricate designs that will help you attract more attention. Therefore, it’s entirely upon you what design you want! Hence, it becomes essential for you to hire an experienced graphic designer working with a reputed company offering glass manifestation services.

What are the other benefits of glass manifestation besides safety?

Besides safety, doing glass manifestation helps in improving the security and privacy of your business as these manifested designs reduce the amount of light entering the building which is beneficial for you if you get a lot of glare in that area. Also, if in any case the glass gets shattered, the manifestation will help in minimizing the amount of shattering and hence prevent you, your customers or any passerby from getting injured.

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