Glass Interior Doors – Light and Elegance in Your Office

One of the latest trends in office interior design is the idea of glass interior doors. Besides giving the office interiors a bold and unique touch, they offer a refreshing shift in style compared to the age-old walls and barriers. That’s why glass elements have garnered lots of attention among the architects, interior designers and other professionals who appreciate the psychological benefits of having open and accessible working spaces. Using glass doors to furnish your office interiors is both cool and advantageous in the following ways:

Using glass for Office Interior Doors optimises the distribution of natural sunlight and effective utilisation of workspace. 

Overly compartmentalized spaces and shared spaces hinder employees’ access to natural sunlight. Using frameless single glass doors, attached to glass sliders in the interiors creates an illuminated atmosphere with natural light reaching the centre of the space. Alongside glass partitions, glass doors help create a brighter and a more enjoyable workspace. It also allows for privacy and proper communication. 

Eames Consulting Group glass door

Utilising Sliding interior doors for the Optimal use of space available

Fine spatial divisions could be set up by using the sliding doors attached with transparent fixed partitions instead of the swing-open doors. The sliding doors do not take up much space for opening and create scope for connecting the adjoining spaces too. This flexibility provides segregated spaces, which  can also be joined when necessary. 

Facilitates communication

Glass doors are definitely less intimidating to have around. We all feel more comfortable walking up to someone we can already see rather than going to someone with a closed door. This barrier of hesitation is softened by allowing greater control of the environment and better eye control. 

Brings an Elegant and a Modernised look to the workspace

The glass doors in the interiors give the office a contemporary look. Frameless glass architectural walls are also great for cool design and quality-oriented corporate offices. 

Long lasting, affordable and lucrative options

It is essential to invest in materials that assure product quality and versatility in the corporate offices. Alongside, they should also be able to stand the test of time. The minimalist yet stylish look and easy maintenance of glass doors have made them the much sought after choices for sturdy and profitable architectural modifications. 

Sliding doors also provide for transparency

Bringing glass doors into the workplace shows the staff and customers, your commitment to transparency. Sliding glass door systems are excellent ways to help you gain your customers’ trust and also improve teamwork. They give out a powerful corporate message alongside creating spaces that could be adapted to the user’s needs at any point. 

Bankside Films Office Sliding Doors

Pictures: Kova Partitions