Enjoy Working in an Open Workspace by Installing High-Quality Glass Panels from KOVA Partitions

Glass panels have become the hottest material in designing a workplace. The growing popularity of incorporating glass panels in the construction or renovation of offices is because these provide openness to the offices even after reducing the space within. Do you also want to follow the open office trend, but are not sure where to start from? Then the best way to start is by knocking down those old traditional cubicle walls and adding glass panels to the upper part of the cubicle! It will do wonders to your entire office environment. Such understated alterations can be an excellent source for encouraging collaboration and teamwork efficiently.

We at KOVA Partitions being in this industry for years know the best possible solutions for office glass partitioning. And as an experienced company, we can say that adding glass panels to cubicles is one of the best ways to enhance the productivity of the entire workspace. We have installed glass panels in London for many offices and got amazing feedbacks as well!

Are you still confused? Look at the benefits of glass panels below to decide!

Achieve Openness in Office –

Adding glass panels to cubicles help in opening up the office space, which means it allows your co-workers to see if you are available for discussing significant projects or other work-related queries at any point of time. But without glass panels, your co-worker will need to get out of their seats and walk into your cubicle to check if you are available or not and this hampers the productivity!

Allows Natural Light –

When you get exposed to natural light during working hours, you achieve better sleep at night. And better quality sleep and less daytime dysfunction at work are directly proportional to the enhancement of the productivity of your office. According to psychologists, circadian rhythms follow a 24 hours cycle that responds to darkness and light; hence the length and type of light exposure matter a lot for functional responses. Therefore, introducing natural light using glass partitions, glass doors and glass cubicle panels is a great way to avoid such disruptions.

Privacy and Controlling of Acoustics –

If you think an open office space can hamper your privacy or create disturbances due to noise then do not worry! Glass panels inserted to cubicles addresses the need for acoustical privacy while opening up the office space. The tempered glass that is being used in a typical office cubicle creates a sound barrier that is efficient enough to let you work in a quiet and non-disturbing environment.

Are you looking for high-quality glass panels in London to incorporate them in your next office refurbishment project? Then get in touch with us at KOVA Partitions and let our experts provide you with high quality, professional and cost-effective installation service! For more details contact us today at 0845 625 6241 or email us at info@kova.uk.com