Design Features of the Interior and Office Partitions

Various glass partition designs are catering to different types of offices. According to the office’s designs and needs, the office owner can choose appropriate type of partition. These partitions can be:

  • Switchable 

Switchable glass has both the facilities of being private and non-private. It can become a personal office as well as a common room in a matter of seconds.

It has an extensive mechanism. Here’s a gist of it. When a person turns on the switch, the electrical current changes the transparent property of the glass to opaque and vice versa. 

Switchable Design features

One of the major advantages is that the office won’t have to pay for two different types of systems as it works both ways. Thus, it is a combination of both private and non-private types of systems.

  • Curved Partition

There are many rectangular and other types of glass partitions. However, the curved partition radiates style and sophistication. In numerous multinational companies, the curved partition is a known design. It adds to the aura of the company. This type of partition makes the interior look more futuristic, modern, and also exhibits professionalism. 

Curved Design features

  • Interlayers

Interlayers is another type of design for offices. This design is a unique one as compared to the others. It can help in increasing the privacy of your office. It can also be used to make the office look more stylish. There are various colours and customizations available in this design.

Interlayers Design features

The business owners can increase their branding through this design as it allows them to fit the logo of the brand between the glass panes through various patterns. Thus, Interlayer design can give a distinct look to the offices than the basic clear glass partition one. 

  • Shoreditch

Shoreditch design gives a modern edge to the traditional type of glass partitions. It adds the element of uniform and equal aluminum frames on the glass partitions. This makes the partition look more defined with the perfect symmetry. 

Shoreditch Design features

  • Acoustic 

Acoustic partitions have aluminum frames that give an elegant look to the glass divisions. The office owner can also coordinate the color of the aluminum frame as per the requirements. These partitions help in reducing noise pollution. They also maintain the airy environment of the office along with having the aesthetic appeal. 

Acoustic partitions have developed immensely over time. The various features and the style of these partitions have changed along with the changing interior trends. Thus, there are many designs in the glass partition catalog from where the office owner can choose the style he/she finds attractive and suitable to the environment of the office. 

We hope this article helped you in understanding the need for glass partitions, their installation process, and the various types of designs available in the market today. 

Pictures: Kova Partitions