Frameless balustrade glass

Want to give a sophisticated look to your balcony or staircases and increase your overall safety? A frameless glass balustrade would be an ideal option. An internal frameless glass balustrade is all you need for a home, a garden renovation, or commercial premises where a barrier is required to divide space or offer certain protections. They provide a luxurious feel and a low-maintenance solution for durability. Moreover, it is one of the leading options for domestic and commercial settings when it comes to finishing a building.

At Kova partitions, we offer a great range of frameless glass balustrades in the UK, ranging from balconies to frameless glass staircase balustrades. External frameless glass balustrades from Kovapartitions are made with a uniquely designed, externally rated interlayer to provide excellent weather resistance. We offer glass railings of all sizes and colours.

How thick should the frameless glass balustrade be?

We believe in helping you create a unique and contemporary interior. Our frameless toughened glass balustrades are environment-friendly and give a decorative safety feature to your balconies, deckings, and internal staircases.

Since there are no supports or beams, it’s critical to consider the thickness to determine the strength of the frameless glass balustrade system. Consequently, toughened laminated glass is required for a frameless glass balustrade. The thickness of a household frameless glass balustrade must be 10 mm. If you are looking for a “frameless glass balustrade near me”, Kovapartitions is the go-to place; we provide 10-12mm toughened glass that is the ideal thickness and ensures safety. In the following paragraph, details related to frameless glass balustrade cost per metre are given.

The cost of a frameless glass balustrade will depend on individual project requirements such as length and fixing type. However, the frameless glass balustrade price per metre is as little as $300.

How to fit a frameless glass balustrade?

The most suitable fixing option for each frameless glass balustrade London installation will depend on the glass specification, location and construction type. During the design phase, we determine which method of fixing the fence is most appropriate for your project.

For easy installation, measure and mark the place of each post on the floor before installing a glass fence. Then, take one post at a time, drill the pilot hole for each post and install the correct fixings one by one. Level all glass clamps using a spirit level. Always ensure that the glass clamps you use are the right size for the thickness of your glass. If your glass panels are designed to leave a gap in the floor, you might need to place some supporting blocks between the posts – This will allow the glass to rest on the blocks as you tighten them. Ensure that the supports are of equal height.Our frameless glass balustrade spigot systems use non-intrusive clamps to create a versatile railing style.