Smart glass gives a luxurious finish and enhances your home and office views. Electrically switchable smart glass (ESG) looks attractive and offers both privacy and cost-saving benefits. This innovative glass reduces the need for curtains and can instantly darken or lighten the room by remote access.


What is switchable glass? 

ESG switchable LCD privacy glass is a special glass that changes based on the external temperature or remote control. Smart switchable glass lets users control their rooms’ light, heat, and glare. It is suitable for residential and commercial use. Its innovative design has become an extremely popular glazing solution and is now used in hospitals, showrooms, and boardrooms as room dividers or for privacy.

How does switchable privacy glass works?

LCD privacy smart glass is excellent for partitions and privacy. It offers endless advantages for homeowners and people who own commercial buildings. At Kovapartitions, we provide a wide range of LCD privacy glass panels. The liquid crystal molecules scatter incident light when the power is turned off. Consequently, the LCD Switchable Privacy Glass panel becomes opaque.

By applying an electric current to the privacy glass switchable, liquid crystal molecules align, incidental light passes through, and the glass becomes transparent. Adhesive material responds to electrical current. The liquid crystals align when electricity is applied to the switchable film glass through the wiring, and the glass becomes instantly clear. The liquid crystals scatter back to their original positions when the power is turned off, creating an opaque, translucent glass.

How much does switchable privacy glass cost?

The switchable privacy glass works in bifold doors, allowing it to be frosted, creating total privacy. Kovapartitions offer the most effective and inexpensive switchable glass in the UK.  Typically, switchable privacy glass cost is high, and the price varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you can expect to pay a minimum cost of $130 per sqm. If you want to get switchable privacy glass at the most reasonable price in the UK, the team at Kovapartitions is always here to help you out.

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