How to choose and install a glass partition?

Before you install, you can choose from different types of glass panels. These panels can be categorised as:

  • ClearThe clear glass gives a transparent and clear look to the partitions.
  • Ultra-ClearThe ultra-clear glass is an advanced version of the clear partition. This type gives an ultra-smooth and transparent appearance.
  • PatternedThese walls usually have a pattern imprinted on the glass. It is more translucent than transparent. It is a great option for people looking for privacy in workplaces too.
  • TemperedThe tempered glass is the best choice for more durable glass partitions. Tempered glass goes through many thermal and chemical processes which increases its durability and strength.
  • FrostedThe frosted glass gives a transparent appearance but in reality, they block the vision of the onlookers and provide privacy and security. However, they do allow the light to pass through them.
  • TintedIf the office needs a little bit more of colour scheme and coordination, tinted glass partitions are the answer. These glass partitions have undertones of colour to them which make them look tinted as well as transparent.
  • LaminatedThe laminated glass is the best safety glass. It does not get shattered even if it is broken.

How To Choose Glass Partitions?

There are some points to consider before choosing a glass partition. These are:

  • Cost-effectiveness. The office owner should consider the cost before moving onto the installation process. They can choose the type of glass partitions according to their cost requirement.
  • Privacy concernIt is important to consider whether the office wants private workplaces or a transparent system. For a transparent one, they have the option of clear and ultra-clear panes.
  • Lighting requirementsSome glass panes have excellent lighting properties. If the office is supposed to look brighter, the office owner should go for those glass partitions having better lighting properties.
  • Matching the office’s colour schemeAn offbeat black-tinted partition against a brighter colour scheme can make the office look untidy. Thus, the office owner should make sure the colour matches well with the background.

Installing process of glass partitions

Given below is a step-by-step guide on how to install glass partitions once the type of panel is selected.

1.Check the surface

  • It is important to check the uniformity of the surface before installation.
  • Any minor bumps or irregularities on the surface can cause complications in the installation process.
  • Hence, the surface needs to be made uniform and smooth.

 2.Install top and bottom tracks

  • Once the surface is uniform, it is time to install the top and bottom tracks.
  • The alignment of both the tracks should be proper or else the glass partition would look tilted.

3.Slide the glass

  • It is necessary to slide the glass with care and safety after installing the tracks.

How To Install Glass Partitions2

4.Insert copolymer strip between the glass partitions

  • The copolymer strip helps in joining the glass partitions properly.
  • Hence, the copolymer strip has to be inserted between the two partitions.

5.Attach rubber gaskets to secure the partitions

  • The glass partitions need to stay put once the above-mentioned steps are implemented.
  • Attaching the rubber gaskets helps in securing the partitions and putting them in their proper place, without it sliding elsewhere.  

This completes the process of installation. Although, it is always preferable to consult an expert

Pictures:  Kova Partitions