Deciding Factors of New Patio Door Installation

Having the right patio door can add style and elegance to your home. Your home will look spacious, brightened and refreshed. However, people often overlook the symptoms in case of the need of a new door. For example, the door looks dull.

Are you in a dilemma about whether to add a new patio door to your home in London or not? Do not worry! Our professionals at KOVA Partitions can help you decide the right time for a new patio door and also help you to find out the best door for your home.

Here, we are providing a few symptoms of a faulty door that must be replaced. Have a look –

Symptom #1 – Door gets stuck or it is difficult to open it.

Due to several factors like extreme weather conditions. usually, warp the door frames that make the patio door function improperly.

In case of sliding glass doors, usually the rollers get damaged or the door gets out of the track. Our professionals check the damage by examining the rubbing sound created while your sliding glass doors in London move.  If the rubbing sound persists even after frequent movements we suggest to check a new sliding glass door!

As far as French doors are concerned the hinges might be aging or malfunctioning, the latch might become immovable ultimately making your patio door unusable. Always remember old doors that get warped can scrape your floor, hence being a professional we inspect your French style doors and then suggest for a change if it is needed.

Symptom #2 – Too Hot or Too Cold Room

One of the major symptoms that notify you for a new patio door is the drafts. When the seals around the doors become old they tend to shrink or crack. In order to check the drafts we use incense sticks near the door. If the smoke of the sticks gets pulled towards the edges of the door, then it is confirmed that there is a draft and we suggest for a change of the door.

Symptom #3 – Noticeable Gaps and Cracks

In case you notice gaps between the doors and the frame or between the two doors, then you should replace your existing patio door with a new one. Due to the gaps snow and rain can get inside you home damaging your flooring as well as door completely.

Symptom #4 – Condensation

The seal of your patio door might also become leaky due to condensation built up between the glasses. Condensation can also occur due to ineffective installation and humidity. In such cases where the seal fails, air and moisture get collected between the panes affecting the insulation and affecting energy saving.

Symptom #5 – Broken Glass or Other Damage

One of the most common symptoms for deciding on the change of patio doors is the broken glass. When the glass of the patio door is broken or damaged it can cause serious structural damage to the doors.

Did you notice any of the abovementioned symptoms in your patio door? Want to replace it with a new sliding glass door? Then contact us today! We supply and specialize in installing high-quality sliding glass doors in London. Call 0208 168 62 42 or 08456256242.

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