Stylish Industrial Style Black Framed Glazed Walls for Borough Engineering

These stylish Industrial Style Black Framed Glazed Walls were installed for  Borough Engineering as part of a building refurbishment. 

Our client needed their new glass partitions to be installed before they moved into the new office. We worked with the manager, scheduling the building’s work, defining partitioning type the systems which meet budget and office requirements. 

Impressed by the look of our Industrial Style Black Framed Partitioning our client was also decided to adopt that same astounding aesthetic. 

This framework completely fitted the building layout, bringing light and breezy feel to office design. Our client wanted to have a private space while retaining the open and sleek look that our glazed partitions provide. 

Our industrial Style Black Framed Partitioning provided the right solution giving them the open and spacious feel with the glass partitions, whilst also creating an industrial aesthetic. A fantastic finished product! 

The original steel frame refers to Art-Deco designs and long before that in some older buildings. The good thing about the steel frame is how symmetrical it looks while letting in lots of natural light. The same now refers to the aluminum steel look that can be considered as a very reliable replacement.

The industrial style glass partition is slim, black-framed glazing that has an aluminum section fixed with glass panels.   

Distinctive and architectural industrial style for glass partitions has slimline design and compliments other trendy office design features.

Why choose an industrial style glass partition?

  • Wow-effect! Applying industrial style for your office would create an astonishing eye-catcher! Your office design will get a charming vintage aesthetic while maintaining a modern style. 
  • Glass partitioning brings lightness to your office
  • The slimline aluminum frame is fixed with the glass panel, maintaining the structural stability and good acoustic performance.
  • Black framed glass partitions perfectly fit with any office design. It enables structuring the office layout, but without creating the closed areas. 
  • Glass partitions provide a flexible layout solution. You can choose a sliding panel or door to meet your needs perfectly.