Why choose a bespoke glass door?

There is nothing more contemporary and attractive than glass doors in a house. Transform your house with glass doors that let light in a while, also enabling you to personalise them to meet your needs.  The quality of light, especially natural light, is critical when designing a modern home’s interior. Our health and well-being benefit from sunlight, making our environments more welcoming and environmentally friendly. A room may seem more extensive and open when lit by windows or other natural light sources.

Glass doors are a standard component in the residential interior design of European buildings. When we think about them in the UK, we solely link them with business institutions like shops and offices when we think about them at all. You can customise the appearance as well as the functioning of your glass doors via the use of a broad selection of hardware options. It is simple to create a one-of-a-kind element for your home since there is a wide variety of hardware and glass from which to pick.

How do I measure for a glass door?

Frameless glass may be installed into a new wall opening, or an existing wooden door can be replaced with a full glass door. The dimensions required for us to build your glass door according to your requirements may be found on our website, along with thorough instructions on how to take those measures. When taking measurements, “tight sizes” are always the ones that are used. Before the opening can be finished, the floor coverings must be put in place. Never forget to measure up to the top of your final floor covering, and under no circumstances should you ever establish any clearance allowances of your own. The sizing adjustments we make will be determined by the hardware you choose. Taking accurate measurements of glass doors may be challenging; thus, if you have any queries, please do not be reluctant to get in contact with us.

Are glass doors easy to install?

Glass doors may be installed in a house, provided the person doing the work is either a professional tradesperson or an avid DIY. Because glass doors are so heavy, we recommend that they be fitted by a team of two working in tandem. Installing glass doors calls for extreme accuracy in both the measuring and the actual installation processes. For instance, when mounting a sliding glass door on a wall, the wall has to have a solid structure to support the door’s weight. When constructing a stud work wall, the track fixings must be positioned in the exact locations as the timbers. This is something that must be taken into account while measuring and calculating the height of the glass.

How much do glass doors cost?

There is the option of having a glass door manufactured to cater to each client’s requirements. When it comes to the types of glass, the available sizes, and other accessories, the price may vary relatively a little from one work to the next. We require basic information, such as the delivery and site zip codes, to get an accurate cost estimate. On the assumption that the glass is 8 millimetres thick and comes in the following sizes and hardware finishes: Deco hinges with 325-millimetre Project pull bars for a frameless glass door; £560 for a full glass door with Cubo hinges, Cubo latch, and Project handles; and £615 for a sliding glass door with Project 60 track. These price estimates include the VAT; however, shipping fees are not included.