5 Common Glass Partitioning Misconceptions

Many people nowadays want to install sliding glass partitions because they match almost any property and provide the level of solitude desired. They come in various configurations, so you can choose one that complements your house. If you believe sliding glass partitions are the big and heavy partitions trapped in the track, it’s time to debunk the myth. Because their frames are not significant and blocky, opening and closing them is not difficult. Today’s structure is more robust and more straightforward. Most glass dividers have a sleek design and are simple to operate. If you feel that installing sliding partitions in your house would make it seem shabby, call the glazing experts at kovapartitions.


You Can’t Slide The Partitions Smoothly

Sliding glass walls give any workspace a touch of modern style. Different styles and configurations are mounted on a track that fits perfectly into the existing walls or systems. A sliding glass wall over a regular wall or fixed glass partition is a great way to open up a room quickly and easily. If you have not yet installed sliding glass partitions with large panels because you believe sliding them would be difficult, it is time to disprove the myth that installing such partitions will be difficult. Over the last several years, significant progress has been made in engineering and hardware. The more recent items all come equipped with precise rollers and other high-performance gear, which has resulted in operations that are streamlined and simple to carry out.


They Will Affect The Appeal Of My Property

Kovapartitions is a glass firm that specializes in all elements of glazing for partitions.  If you come to us, we will let you choose from a wide selection of glass partitions, each one of which might make the appearance of your workplace seem more attractive. Glass partitions aren’t only for those who appreciate contemporary designs; they can be used by anybody who wants to create an open, airy space. Glass may be used to improve a variety of design styles, including modern, classic, and more. There are a wide variety of hardware and frame choices to choose from. Choose modern sliding walls with thin and inconspicuous sightlines if you want to maximize visual appeal. Even the companies who make partitions are trying to come up with designs for new products with more compact frames that allow for a better view of the landscape outdoors.


The transparency of the glass can make it seem like there’s nowhere to hide

The most common misunderstanding about windows and doors is that the more glass they have, the less privacy they provide. Even if this was the case in the past, it isn’t so now. We now have a wide selection of blinds, shades, opaque glasses, and other privacy-protecting devices at our disposal. A wide variety of shapes and patterns are available, so you won’t have to worry about your original glass panel being hideous. With the push of a button, privacy smart glass partitions may transform from opaque to transparent. Many different colours of glass walls are also available, even if you do not use smart glass.


They Are Not Air Tight

Sliding glass partitions are one kind of airtight partition, in contrast to the majority of the other types of partitions, which are not. They are constructed in a manner that allows for the free flow of fresh air into and out of your rooms at all times. Even if some air can flow through the sliding door compartments, they are produced by the industry’s basic requirements and regulations. Therefore, you may have peace of mind knowing that water won’t be able to penetrate them. The glass partition walls are also weather and moisture resistant because of the sealant used in the installation procedure. As a result, the structure is shielded from the damaging impacts of rain and humidity.


Glass can smudge and is difficult to clean

Glass doesn’t need regular cleaning; it requires very little care. For example, there is no need to wash off surfaces regularly, remove smudges, or check for dirt buildup every day. To avoid the accumulation of filth and maintain the pristine appearance of your glass, you need to do nothing more than wipe it down once a week with a clean cloth. Glass is a material that is not only simple to clean but also environmentally friendly. It may also be coated with newly created coatings resistant to dirt and grime, making them ideal for reducing cleaning time.

Glass partitions have many benefits that can be overshadowed by common myths discussed above. Don’t rule out glass partitions because of myths about privacy, durability, safety, temperature control, and design freedom. Technological advancements have made glass as good, if not better, than many traditional building materials.