Industrial Style Black Framed Glazed Wall with Sliding Door for Bankside films

Kova Partitions has completed the fit-out project for Bankside Films. Clients were happy with the results and enjoyed their new glass meeting room with Industrial Style Black Framed Glazed Wall and sliding door.  

Our clients needed to create an additional meeting room, so we offered them to consider internal glass systems with sliding glass doors in an aluminum black frame. 

Black framed glass partitions with sliding doors appeared to be the best solution to separate the office space and build the meeting room. The aluminum frame has the ability to support very large panes of glass both horizontally and vertically and provides comparatively slim frame profiles.  

That is why our client has chosen this type of partitions to create an uninterrupted view of the workplace and achieve the wow effect within their new office design.

  • Advantages of  sliding glass doors
  • Bespoke Sizes
  • Elegant Space Maximised Solutions
  • Options of Track Designs
  • Many options for additional features
  • Handle Options
  • Design and Personalisation

All our aluminum products are available in a wide range of colors providing our clients flexibility in seamlessly adding a glass partitioning system to an existing layout. We offer a choice of glass designs, a selection of premium quality track systems, and handles for single sliding glass doors.

Industrial Style Black Framed Glazed Walls bring personality to the office and create a favorable working spirit. Glass partitioning allows natural lighting in your office to improve your employees’ wellbeing. 

The glass partition system works anywhere to make a stylish statement in any office and add a bit of character. A glass wall can divide two main areas whilst making sure an open-planned aspiration is maintained. With a black framed glass partition, you can achieve a unique design with the perfect balance of old and new styles.  

The glass partitions give minimalist look to your working spaces. The junction between glass panels fixed with anodized aluminium. Here at Kova Partitions, we offer quality and style for your office at affordable prices