Glass Separators as Semi-Temporary Solution for Social Distancing

Kova Partitions offers social distancing glass dividers and glass screens to apply social distancing rules for staff, guests, and clients. Our glass separators are perfect for different businesses and public services to help separate people from each other.

Glass separators are ideal solutions for offices, meeting rooms, open plan environments and other working environments as to create safe conditions for staff, partners and clients.

  • The screens are made of 6mm tempered safety glass.
  • Included stands or clamps to fix to the desk
  • Free-standing glass separators can be easily moved.

Price £313 each

Lead time 2-4 weeks

Minimum order of 5

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In these uneasy times, this semi-temporary solution gives you an additional level of safety at the working place. While 2m distance is not always possible, the social distancing dividers are sure to provide a much-needed level of isolation at your work station. 

You can find more information regarding the Government Social Distancing here.

Safety guidelines from Public Health England’s you can find here