Frameless Glass Partition Walls for Sassy Films in Fitzrovia, London

Kova Partitions recently completed a great project. We installed Frameless Glass Partition Walls for Sassy Films in Fitzrovia, London. 

Our client needed to zone out the open-space office and turn a multifunctional area into a meeting room and the separated working space. 

Frameless glass walls and partitions bring light and a feeling of space into an office. Without the need for frames, employees can enjoy uninterrupted views and still maintain the option of office dividers creating multi-use areas within the workplace. That is why this option has been chosen as the best possible solution for separating the office area. 

We provide glass partitions and walls which can be used for any application and accessible in a variety of options. Depending on our clients’ needs we can install hinged, sliding, and folding frameless glass partitions and combine with multiple fixed panels for any size or shape required. 

Frameless glass partition advantages for an office: 

  • Flexibility and safety
  • Increase the value of your work environment 
  • Relocatable and reconfigurable
  • Permits light to go through workplace
  • Makes people feel connected
  • Manifestations or graphics can emphasize company identity
  • Sliding and hinged door alternatives help to save space
  • Sound and fire-rated performance options accessible 
  • Design and installation

One of the greatest advantages of frameless glass partitioning is design flexibility that can be applied for any office space, no matter the size.  

Frameless glass partitions are designed to be attached “glass to glass” to incorporate walls or a new room in an existing office layout with sleek looking seamless glass.

Our team of designers is happy to provide clients initial design briefs and discuss the installation process and follow up support. 

Frameless office glass partitions can be installed fast and seamless, which allows reducing cost, waste, and disruption of the working process. 

Increasingly, architects and designers are applying frameless glass partitions in modern, open-plan office spaces to embrace large airy spaces in the working place and to outline areas.

We have years of experience in office partitioning and working with clients. Every project is different with a unique set of requirements, so we always listen to our clients trying to adopt effective and flexible solutions to overcome any challenges.