Framed Glass Door

Privacy and Soundproofing 

The framed glass door is widely used in offices where greater sound control is required, for example at office fronts and conference rooms. The single glazed framed door can provide decent soundproofing, but a framed double glass door goes even further. It increases the level of sound protection while maintaining openness and security. Framed internal doors’ systems include metal channels that stop sound transmission effectively, providing structural cleanness without compromising on sightlines.


A framed glass door provides better safety, as multi-point locking systems and other security features can be installed with aluminium and UPVC frames. That is why aluminium frames are very challenging to break into without smashing the glass, which modern glazing also makes difficult. Using the latest processing techniques, it is possible to design a framed glass door or framed glass room dividers which meet security requirements of every level. 

Cost-effective and durable

One of the most attractive characteristics of the toughened framed glass door is its timeless imperishability. The smoothness of the glass allows easy cleaning. Additionally, a custom-designed framed door is unlikely to need replacing, therefore it also saves time and expenses. Usually, the cost of an aluminium framed door is typically higher than other materials, but with a lifespan of up to 50 years, together with excellent thermal efficiency, a framed glass door in-house provides long-lasting benefits.


A modern framed glass door is made to measure, and the glass, threshold profile and many other elements will be customised to your office’s size and style.

Stylish internal framed glass doors provide aesthetic appeal and a degree of design flexibility. Even if your office has uneven floors, choosing an installation of framed glass door parts means the door can open and close easily, thanks to the full framing. 

Stylish framed glass door options provide versatility, with an infinite choice of shapes to suit your office fit-out, including very large panel sizes.

When considering installing a modern framed door you have the opportunity to choose from different options, such as framed bi-folding doors or a framed retractable door system, which helps to create a safe space in the office if needed. 

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